Earth Flag

There have been a few designs for an "Earth Flag" none of them with any official status in any country. The UN flag is often though of as a good flag to use, in fact it was even suggested that it should be used instead of the USA flag when NASA first went to the moon. However it is still the flag of an international organisation and not the planet. many other designs feature globes and pictures of the Earth, which I think looks awful and would be inappropriate to put maps on flags. so here are my designs for an "Earth Flag."

My first design was based on the UN Flag with the wreath for peace, but the stars represent the continents and the male and female symbols represent humanity.

I personally was unsatisfied with this flag, so I looked for something to replace the gender symbols so researching I found every planet in our Solar System has an astrological symbol. The Earth's is a circle with a cross in it. These symbols have been used for thousands of years by many cultures and the individual conponants symbiosis different things in different cultures. Modern day its said to symbolise the globe (circle) and the four points of the compass (cross). So I incorporated this into my design.

I also thought this looked too much like an international organisation flag particularly the UN. So I based another design on the land/sea ratio of the planet. This is simply a blue flag with a green field on the fly and the Earth Symbol.
The reason there is more blue than green is because there is more water than land. I was also unsatisfied with this a put the green end at the hoist and the symbol so that it includes both green and blue.

As the moon is supposedly claimed by man I also designed a moon flag. This is a black flag with a white disk over a blue disc symbolising the moon of Earth. In the canton there is an Earth Symbol symbolising its sovereignty to the Earth. 


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