Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycles and Harley Davidson Motorcycles : Things to Know

What’s the difference of Indian motorcycles and Harley Davidson motorcycles? You may think that they are all the same. They come in this buff design – which is pretty much heavy – and also this classic, manly American structure and frame that is appealing to the street riders. Despite the almost similar look, they are totally different. Indian bikes have their own special and unique signatures, and so does Harley Davidson. There are some things that set them apart; specifically and technically.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Harley Davidson is known to have this cool vintage styling with very sleek finishing quality. The transmission is also slick and smooth. However, it lacks of cruise control. The cornering clearance ability is just ugly. It also comes with harsh and not-so-good rear suspension. For the price, it starts off from $19,800. The weight is around 709 lb, with 64.5 inch for the wheelbase. The horsepower is around 71 hp with 40 mpg for the fuel mileage. The top speed is 113 mph. It is able to reach 62 mph within 4.6 seconds – which is quite impressive for such kind of heavy and big motorcycle.

Indian Motorcycle

Indian bike, on the other hand, is known for the solid handle, smooth powertrain, and simply gorgeous design. However, the cheesy bar control and the unappealing peg mounts for the passenger really give it away. The starting price starts from $19,500 – which is lower from Harley. It weighs around 780 lb, making it heavier than Harley, with longer wheelbase reaching 68.7 inch. The horsepower is 76 hp with 36 mpg for the fuel mileage. The top speed is 114 mph. it is able to reach 62 mph within 4.5 seconds – faster than Harley by a second.

harley knucklehead 1947

old indian motorcycles 1937

Harley Davidson VL 1932

Indian motorcycles Chief Classic Cruiser 2014
Basically, the differences are not much. It all depends on your preference and like. Harley exudes masculinity and power; while Indian is more about classic and vintage design.