Twin Towers

Twin Tower History: One Of The Tallest Building In The World

Before the tragedy of 9/11, the World Trade Center building or the twin tower was the land mark of New York as the tallest building in the world at the time. Twin tower history started at time it was built when New York’s future seemed unstable. It quickly raised the confidence and raised the decline of lower Manhattan and become symbol of New York. In 1962, the Twin Tower plan was started by the authority of New York and New Jersey. Minoru Yamazaki, the architect from Michigan, decided to build two huge towers that was criticized by public. However, the project began in 1966.

It was a huge project that needs to demolish 164 buildings and closed off 5 streets. 1.2 million cubic yards of earth were excavated to create 23.5 acres of land along the Hudson River. There were 3,500 workers at the site at the peak building period and total of 10,000 workers needed to finish the projects. 60 workers died during the construction. In December 1970, the north tower was opened first then in January 1972, the south tower opened. They were officially used in April 1973. Twin tower history as the tallest building is very short as in May 1973 the Sears Tower in Chicago was finished.

The American Flag

Tips Of Buying from United State Flag Store

As the Fourth of July is getting close, you may need preparation to buy new flag and flagpole for your home. You may need to change your old flag since it get torn or too old and the weather has damage it or you have your flagpole broken and need to be changed. You can many flags and flagpoles in a variety of sizes and quality so you can commemorate the U.S. Independence with solemn and respect. Just visit your local United State flag store and choose according your need and put it on your home.

United State flag store is also available online so you can just order via email; pay and sit back waiting your flag arrive. Just remember the flag ordered is in the right size and the flagpole with material you need. Flag is usually put outside so you need to order one with better material and is not easily tethered by weather. You should choose greater quality if you are planning to fly the flag every day. You can buy the cheaper low quality flag if you fly the flag occasionally. If you buy flag and flagpole online, make sure you measure the size and the weight as you will be charged for the mass.

American flag bed sets will give your home a different look. It is true that many people buy these to show their love for country. But there are other reasons you will want to try these out.

Some people enjoy the flag sets simply for the colors. If you just like the red, white & blue combination, these sets will be just right or perhaps you have dreams of going to USA someday.

Having this set in the bedroom will serve as a constant reminder of your dream. These sets can also serve as remembrances if you have friends in America.

The American flag bed sets are perfect if you have a loved one serving in the US military. While that person is overseas, the bed set will serve as a reminder of them. With the bedding in place, all you will need are their pictures.

Old American Flag

Old American Flag : Historical and Collectible

American flag is historical items as it changes the number of white stars as the number of states joins the United States increase. The current American flag consist of 13 equal stripes of red and white with blue rectangle baring the 50 white 5 pointed stars. The 13 stripes of the flag means there were 13 states when they declared independence while 50 stars means currently there are 50 states in the United States. There was previously lesser number of stars on the current American Flag as not all states joined from the start. So if your grandparent give you an Old American Flag with lesser number of stars, you are lucky to have rare flag.

Old American Flag with lesser stars are highly collectible as long as it is real and authentic. Collectors who are history enthusiast would willingly purchase with high price but it also has to be in good condition. An authentic American flag with 42 stars is sold USD 400. The lesser the stars, the more expensive it would be. The first American flag consist of 13 stars similar with the number of the stripes. The shape and the color are similar to the new flag and the stars are arranged into circular. 

American flag rules were established in 1942. Congress enacted this Code to provide guidelines & rules to ensure the American flag continues to receive the respect it deserves. Many of the regulations provided in the Code are well known, however some of the American flag rules are more obscure. The American flag rules cover everything from folding, placement, & lighting. Understanding the Code will ensure that you give this national treasure proper attention.

Most people are aware that the American flag should never be allowed to touch the ground, however some rules are much more obscure. In fact some of the restrictions are violated on a daily basis by well meaning citizens. Because American flag rules are meant as a guideline an individual cannot be fined or punished by violating them. No doubt the majority of us want to abide by the American Flag Code & the rules it sets forth.

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British Flag Wallpaper

British Flag Wallpaper : The History Of The Flag

The British flag or Union flag is famously known as the Union Jack which is the national flag of the United Kingdom. It is symbol of the administrative union of the countries in the United Kingdom. That’s way it is called the Union flag. The flag consist of three individual flags of countries in the Kingdom that is made into one flag. The three countries include Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. Wales is not included into the flag since it was principality not a kingdom. You can see British flag everywhere, on music album, car, and, if you wish, you could put it on the Home screen device as British Flag Wallpaper.

British Flag Wallpaper has a unique design since it is the combination of three flags of three countries. If you want to use it as wallpaper, you have to make sure it is the right flag since British flag is quite complicated. The Union Flag are combination of the three heraldic crosses of St. George (England), St. Andrew (Scotland) and St. Patrick (Northern Ireland). The first Union flag was between the flag of England and Scotland before the Ireland joined the Union. Only Northern Ireland stayed joining the Union after most part of Ireland left the Union.

Calling the Jumeirah Garden a 'guesthouse' really does not do it justice. Discreetly tucked away in a quiet corner of Jumeirah, this boutique hotel is housed in a pink villa with no front signage. Until now, people could not find out about the hotel from travel guides or advertisements — only by word of mouth. Co-owner Paul Gidley would prefer if his hotel, open since December last year, remained one of Dubai's best-kept secrets.

Once in the reception area, one can sense a strong British influence in the interior design & decoration. A nice round table with magazines, a chest of drawers painted with the English flag, a bulldog statue & other funky Britannia fixtures and fittings adorn the space. "It's tongue-in-cheek British. We don't take it too seriously," Gidley said. The ten bedrooms split across two levels are equally appointed and were all decorated by Gidley. Simple elegance is how I would describe them with French grey & British green walls, leather-cushioned chairs with matching footrests, classic headboards, huge beds with comforters and plenty of pillows in all shapes.

American Flag Wallpaper

How To Choose American flag wallpaper

American flag or United State flag has unique and meaningful design as every line shape, number and color symbolized important meaning. You should remember the design of flag if you are looking for American flag wallpaper so you do not end up get laugh by your friends as you put wrong flag on your phone or desktop.

American flag wallpaper is great to replace your old wallpaper of the laptop or smartphone giving you the feel of patriotism and heroism. You can browse and download them from the internet. But you have to remember these matters when choosing ones. The most important thing of American flag is the shape, colors and number of stripes and stars presenting the number of states in the U.S. there should be 13 equal stripes of red and white on the flag starting from the red stripe from the top. And there should be 50 white 5 pointed small stars on the blue rectangle on the top left corner of the flag. These numbers should be right as they assemble the 13 states that declared Independence and 50 states that currently joint the United States. Choose wallpaper with the sameresolution with your desktop size so you do not need to scale or crop.

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