European Union (EU) Flag Pictures

The flag of Europe comprises of a around of 12 golden (yellow) stars on an azure backdrop. It is the flag and emblem of the Council of Europe (CoE) and the European Union (EU). It is furthermore often utilised to show eurozone nations, and, more loosely, to comprise the continent of Europe or the nations of Europe unaligned of any of these organisations. The number of stars does not vary according to the constituents of either organisation as they are proposed to comprise all the peoples of Europe, even those out-of-doors the EU, but interior the CoE.
European Union (EU) Flag Pictures
European Union (EU) Flag Pictures
The flag was designed by Arsène Heitz and Paul Lévy in 1955 for the CoE as its emblem, and the CoE advised it to be adopted by other organisations. In 1985 the EU, which was then the European financial Community (EEC), taken up it as its own flag (having had no flag of its own before) at the initiative of the European assembly. The flag is not cited in the EU's treaties, its incorporation being dropped along with the European Constitution, but it is formally taken up in regulation.
European Union Flag Pictures
European Union (EU) Flag
Flag of European Union Picture
European Union (EU) Flag Pic
Regardless of it being the flag of two separate organisations, it is often more associated with the EU due to the EU's higher profile and hefty usage of the emblem. The flag has furthermore been utilised to comprise Europe in fair events and as a pro-democracy banner outside the Union. It has partially inspired other flags, such as those of other European organisations and those of states where the EU has been very strongly engaged (such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo).


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