State Flags Redesign By Ed Mitchell

flags of the united states

An industrial designer at Philadelphia product design firm Bresslergroup, Ed Mitchell, redesigns all 50 U.S. State Flags. His new project, United We Stand, feature new, simple, and bold design of State Flags using a unified design theme. All flags designs are limited to blue, white and red colors. You won’t see ornate state seals and text in the designs. For information, there are 27 flags that feature state seals. He did this according rules including simplicity so a child could draw it from memory, no seals or text, appropriate imagery, not more than three basic colors, and a characteristic look that doesn’t confuse with other flags.

Some people and critics consider his design as controversial since he removes all state seals and their unique colors. For example, he removes the bear image in the California State Flag, redesign whole flag appearance and add blue color (there is no blue in the real flag). He also removes the “California Republic” text and put the large C letter instead but keep the star image. The Delaware flag has the most drastic change by removing fuzzy emblem image of a worker and a soldier with picture of wolf, ship and text. He changes it with a simple image of a plant on a shield with blue background. The least modification of the flag is Texas. He only changes the color without changing the images.

Alabama State Flag Alaska State Flag  Arizona State Flag Arkansas State Flag
 California State Flag Colorado State Flag Connecticut State Flag Delaware State Flag
Florida State Flag Georgia State Flag Hawaii State Flag Idaho State Flag
Illinois State Flag Indiana State Flag Iowa State Flag Kansas State Flag
Kentucky State Flag Louisiana State FlagMaine State FlagMaryland State Flag
Flag of Massachusetts Flag of Michigan Minnesota State Flag Flag of Mississippi
Flag of Missouri Montana State Flag Nebraska State Flag Nevada State FlagFlag of New Hampshire (November 30, 1931)Flag of New Jersey (January 15, 1896)Flag of New Mexico (September 18, 1920)Flag of New York (April 1, 1901) 
Flag of North Carolina (March 2, 1885)[4] Flag of North Dakota (November 9, 1943) Flag of Ohio (May 09, 1902) Flag of Oklahoma (April 21, 1925, standardized April 21, 2006)
Flag of Oregon (obverse)(April 15, 1925)[5] Flag of Oregon (reverse) Flag of Pennsylvania(April 24, 1907) Flag of Rhode Island(July 27, 1640, formally November 1, 1897)
Flag of South Carolina (September 28, 1861) Flag of South Dakota (November 9, 1992) Flag of Tennessee (February 3, 1905) Flag of Texas (June 30, 1839)
Flag of Utah (December 21, 1913)[6]Flag of Vermont (April 17, 1923)Flag of Virginia (January 31, 1861) Flag of Washington[7] (August 25, 1923)
 Flag of West Virginia (November 6, 1929) Flag of Wisconsin (September 17, 1979) Flag of Wyoming (March 4, 1917)

The flags of the U.S. states exhibit a wide variety of regional influences and local histories, as well as widely different styles & design principles. Modern state flags date from the 1890s when states wanted to have distinctive symbols at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Most state flags were designed & adopted between 1893 and World War I.

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