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Flag of Australia and other additional flags

Flag of Australia is a blue field containing United Kingdom Flag (Union Jack) on the upper left corner (canton), a large white seven pointed star and one small five-pointed star and four larger seven-pointed stars. The British Union Jack means the historical origins of Australia. The largest star represents Commonwealth Star located the lower hoist quarter. The six stars forming Southern Cross constellation represents Australia's geographic position in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The original flag was chosen in 1901 with six pointed Commonwealth star and was flown first in 3 September 1901 and also proclaimed as Australian National Flag Day. The flag has been changed several times due to confusion. In 1954, the flag was ascertained as Australia National Flag.

There are other several flags used by the Commonwealth Government agencies and Australian Defense Forces in addition for flag of Australia. Australian National Flag is also used by the Australian Army as they do not have separate flag.

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Other flags of Australia are the Torres Strait Islanders flag and The Australian Aboriginal flag. The Governor General and Her Majesty the Queen when in Australia also use Special flags. These flags are used in special event and there is regulation of the usage.


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