House Flags and Garden Flags

What Are House Flags and Garden Flags ?

When you want to decorate the outside part of your house, using house flags and garden flags can really do it. Most homeowners focus on improving the look of their interior d├ęcor, but the outdoor sides can actually get some improvement as well. These flags may seem similar in shape and look, but they are actually quite different and they come in their own unique traits.

Great Use of Garden Flags

If you have a garden and you also plant some veggies or flowers on it, having the flag can really improve the look and layout. In the past, people might use a banner to make their garden looked stand out among the others, but in today’s condition, having a banner may seem too much. Not only the banner is bigger, the cost for making one can be quite pricey. The garden flag usually comes in smaller size and it has colorful styles and variants. You are free to choose whatever design or image for the flag. Simply have a flag on the garden and you will catch attention of passer bys. Having a custom garden flag is also possible. It is catchy, attractive, and economical. You won’t have to spend more than $30 for a single flag.

House Flag

House Flags

Garden Flag

House Flags Functions
As the name suggests, a house flag is almost similar to the garden flag, but it is usually attached to the pole of a house. You can also attach it to your porch, in case you don’t have a pole. The basic function is for decoration, so the flags mostly come in attractive colors. This kind of flag is different from the official national flag, so don’t mistake those two. In the past, house flags usually referred to a flag that was used by merchant ship with the owner’s emblem on it. but today’s house flag has experienced a shift in the meaning.


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