The symbolization of Canada flag

Knowing the symbol of Canada flag will give the added value of the knowledge and nationality of the citizen. The National flag of Canada is known as the Maple Leaf. This is because the flag is consisting of the red field and the white square in the center, combined in the featured a stylized and 11-pointed red maple leaf. This flag replaces the Union flag in 1965.
In 1994, the Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson made the committee for changing the national flag. Then, the maple leaf was designed by George Stanley as the manifestation of the Royal Military College of Canada that has been chose. Then, since February 15, 1965; the National Flag of Canada Day was celebrated. Canada Flag Day is celebrating up to now with the maple leaves in the flag design. The horizontally symmetric of the flag is designed in the reverse sides appear identical. The maple leaf flag make twice the height.
The maple leaf in Canada flag is the national symbol since 1868 in the coat of arms. The journey of the national flag is not in the short time. The British admiralty, at that time, uses the Red Ensign for Canadian use at the sea. Then, the name of Canadian Red Ensign is widely used. The century changing develop the seven provinces then make the Confederation.  

Flags of Canada

the canadian flag
 picture of canada flag
The national flag of Canada consists in the red and white colors. As the subsequent crusades, each nation of Canada has the different color. France has the red color while England use white cross. The red color of the national flag of Canada reflects the proclamation of the royal arms in 1921 by King George V.Then, the changing color of the maple leaves from green to the red color in the white ground gives the recognition of Canada flag.


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