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New American Flag : Hoax News

There are many news going around in the internet that the United State will have new state joined in. however, they are only fake news made for jokes as addition of new states will cause the U.S. to have new American flag. American flag is known to change if there is a state joins in or leave the United States. Now there are 50 states in the U.S. marked by 50 white stars bared on the American flag. 

One article in a website stated that if a state that have not got full statehood like Puerto Rico or District of Columbia is able to join into the U.S., there have to be a change of the flag. This causes the government to add white small star to the flag. The article predicted that the stars would be in three diamonds formation instead of rectangle. 

There are also fake stories around the Facebook that Obama will change new American flag into a green background with Arab letters and partial red square with hammer and sickle logo. It is satirical article that stated the U.S. will be a Moslem – Socialism country. But just remember that these news are hoax and they are meant for jokes and fun.

American flag pictures

amarican flag


american flag made in usa

old american flag framedamerican flag pin
american flag baloonamerican eagle

american flag in the moonamerican flag nighthawks

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