American Flag Etiquette

American Flag Etiquette That You Need to Know

A country flag is considered as important aspect so flag must be follow flag code stipulated by law. Flag code or etiquette in America is stipulated by the federal law. American Flag Etiquette includes the flag should be under light like sunlight or other appropriate light source all time. It also has to be flown in mild weather except the material of flag is for any weather condition. Any person or thing should not wear flag and fly it upside down except as a distress signal. You should not use flag for general decoration. 

For decoration, there are banner of blue, red and white stripes but the blue stripe should be on top. Do not use flag for advertising especially if it is printed, embroidered or used as boxes, napkins or handkerchief, or anything for temporary use. The flag should not be used as part of uniform or costume, but flag patch can be put on uniform of policeman, fireman, military personnel or patriotic organization. There should not be word, figure, number, drawing, mark or such attached or placed on a flag. It should not be used to deliver, carry, hold or receive anything. There is more American Flag Etiquette that you should respect and implement in your daily life.

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It was not till June 24, 1912, that the proportions of the American national flag came to be prescribed. As a result, flags made before this year show different patterns of the stars and unusual proportions. But mostly, stars were placed in a straight row and had proportions more / less similar to the ones now accepted.
Several acts have determined the evolution of the American national flag. According to the First Flag Act, passed in 1777, it was established that the American national flag would comprise thirteen red & white stripes and thirteen white stars against a blue background. In January 1794, it had 15 stars and 15 stripes.



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