Statue of Liberty Picture

Statue Of Liberty: The Historical Monument

Liberty Enlightening the World, or commonly referred to as the statue of liberty turned out to be a prize awarded by the French state for the United States in commemoration of American independence.

Statue Of Liberty is a universal symbol of democracy and freedom that was dedicated as a gift from the France people for the United State for friendship. It became the National Monument in 1924 and on July 4, 1986 the Statue celebrated the 100th birthday. Statue of Liberty has become the pride of the American people because the statue is very well known all over the world and this statue became a symbol of the United States, the statue was unveiled in October 28 1886 and sculpture by the designer of the Eiffel Tower tower Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, and Gustave Eiffel.

Here are some statue of liberty picture :

Statue of Liberty

liberty wallpaper for android picture of liberty for iphone Statue of Liberty Picture
Statue of Liberty Pictureliberty wallpaper Statue of Liberty Picture
Statue of Liberty Picture

As National Monument, visitors can come to enter the statue for educational or recreational purpose. Statue Of Liberty operating hours based on the ferry schedule as it is located on an island. the early ferry depart at 9.30 AM from mainland while the second depart at 3.30 PM. the last ferry depart from the island is at 5.00 PM. the entrance fee varies based on the age of visitors as well as access and tours such as Crown Access, Pedestal Access, Audio Tours, And  Ranger Tours. Some of them are restricted to access by children and need early reservation so plan your visit carefully. Children under 4 years old are free to enter but they are not allowed to access the Crown. Pedestal access is free to go for everyone. The ferry fee start from USD9 to USD18 and the Crown can be accessed by paying USD3. You can visit the museum and park at the area for more information and history of the Statue Of Liberty.


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