How to Make Your Own Flag

Make your own flag with Design My Own Flag App

There is a time when you are given task by your school teacher to make your own flag that is unique but attractive and beautiful. You do this by drawing by hand or computer software. drawing by hands is a little troublesome as you need to prepare ruler, coloring pens and such while using computer software you need to understand how to use each feature. 

But there is an easy way to do this. You can try an app called Design My Own Flag. The app is free and web based app so you do not to install to your laptop and does need any purchase.

For example here are flag colouring pages & printable flags.  The projects below are excellent methods to familiarise your children with the flags of the world. Useful for learning about countries, international celebrations in schools, or supporting your country / country's team in sporting events.
the american flag for kids
american flag outline picture for kids
colour Your Own Flag
Colour Your Own Flag
flags for kidsflag day for kids

By using Design My Own Flag you can make your own flag just by opening your browser and go to the website. You can choose to create one with any size and background color you need. You can put text and picture given from the website or upload image you want. You can also put your face picture there. The best thing about the website is they are able to make your design into the real flag. You can choose fabric for the flag and after you finish, you can ask them to send it to your home.


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