Who Design American Flag

Who Design American Flag : The Long History and the Various Flags Designs

If you see the American flag, you are probably wondering who design American flag. The flag, after all, is the symbol of freedom and respect. With lots of states to cover, it is just natural if you are wondering the creative mind behind the design and process.

The Long History
The first flag was designed by Betsy Ross. She is a seamstress from Philadelphia who knew George Washington. At first, Washington showed the rough sketches and design of the flag with six points, but Ross favored the five points instead. Then, in 14th of June 1777, the official flag mostly known with the name of Stars and Stripes, was then approved by Continental Congress. It was the first official item that still held 13 stars for 13 states, and no one knew for sure who the designer was, although most people believed it was done by Francis Hopkins, a member of Continental Congress. 

official USA Flag

official USA Flag

The current flag, however, was designed by Robert Heft in 1958, when he was 17 years old. It was a part of his school project, but then agreed and accepted by the Congress. Heft’s design is still used up till now, and it remains the symbol of freedom and free will.


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