Old American Flag

Old American Flag : Historical and Collectible

American flag is historical items as it changes the number of white stars as the number of states joins the United States increase. The current American flag consist of 13 equal stripes of red and white with blue rectangle baring the 50 white 5 pointed stars. The 13 stripes of the flag means there were 13 states when they declared independence while 50 stars means currently there are 50 states in the United States. There was previously lesser number of stars on the current American Flag as not all states joined from the start. So if your grandparent give you an Old American Flag with lesser number of stars, you are lucky to have rare flag.

Old American Flag with lesser stars are highly collectible as long as it is real and authentic. Collectors who are history enthusiast would willingly purchase with high price but it also has to be in good condition. An authentic American flag with 42 stars is sold USD 400. The lesser the stars, the more expensive it would be. The first American flag consist of 13 stars similar with the number of the stripes. The shape and the color are similar to the new flag and the stars are arranged into circular. 

American flag rules were established in 1942. Congress enacted this Code to provide guidelines & rules to ensure the American flag continues to receive the respect it deserves. Many of the regulations provided in the Code are well known, however some of the American flag rules are more obscure. The American flag rules cover everything from folding, placement, & lighting. Understanding the Code will ensure that you give this national treasure proper attention.

Most people are aware that the American flag should never be allowed to touch the ground, however some rules are much more obscure. In fact some of the restrictions are violated on a daily basis by well meaning citizens. Because American flag rules are meant as a guideline an individual cannot be fined or punished by violating them. No doubt the majority of us want to abide by the American Flag Code & the rules it sets forth.

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