American Flag Wallpaper

How To Choose American flag wallpaper

American flag or United State flag has unique and meaningful design as every line shape, number and color symbolized important meaning. You should remember the design of flag if you are looking for American flag wallpaper so you do not end up get laugh by your friends as you put wrong flag on your phone or desktop.

American flag wallpaper is great to replace your old wallpaper of the laptop or smartphone giving you the feel of patriotism and heroism. You can browse and download them from the internet. But you have to remember these matters when choosing ones. The most important thing of American flag is the shape, colors and number of stripes and stars presenting the number of states in the U.S. there should be 13 equal stripes of red and white on the flag starting from the red stripe from the top. And there should be 50 white 5 pointed small stars on the blue rectangle on the top left corner of the flag. These numbers should be right as they assemble the 13 states that declared Independence and 50 states that currently joint the United States. Choose wallpaper with the sameresolution with your desktop size so you do not need to scale or crop.

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