American continent and country

We always hear from the TV or conversation with the U.S. tourists that they introduce themselves as an American. America is actually a continent that is situated between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The continent includes the United State of America, Canada and South America. But people from the U.S. always introduce themselves as American while Canadian and South American do not even they come from the same continent. It is confusing and seems overpowering for some because a country calls them as America continent. However, the use of America to address the U.S. is to simplify and ease so it is easy to say. 

American continent name was first used to refer South America that was found by Amerigo Vespucci. He called it Amerigen meaning the land of Americus (Amerigo Vespucci’s Latin version is Americus Vespuccius) or America. In Modern English, South America and North America is considered as two separated continents. They are called Americas if they are addressed together as plural word. However, when they are conceived as one continent, they are addressed America as singular. But if there is no contextual clarifying, America refers to the United State of America. So, the use of American or America is just as simplified and easiness.

There is a far difference between the Spanish that is spoken in Spain and Latin American Spanish than exists between British and American English. The Spanish from Spain has very different grammar, vocabulary and slang to that which is spoken in Latin America. Latin Americans differentiate the Spanish they speak by calling it Castellano & by referring to Spanish from Spain as EspaƱol.


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